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ZRG: The Gold Standard for Zoning Research

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

February 21, 2015

Zoning compliance and due diligence is often an overlooked but necessary component of a commercial real estate transaction. Often, lenders or underwriters mandate that a zoning report be obtained as a requirement prior to closing. Sometimes, buyers require a zoning conformance report from the current owner to verify that there are no outstanding use or parking issues affecting a piece of commercial property. Other times, engineering, surveying, and law firm’s order a zoning report or zoning summary since such reports provide a quick snap shot of local zoning regulations.  

In response to this demand, many zoning consulting firms have emerged specializing in what can be referred to as zoning reports, zoning summaries, or zoning endorsements. Essentially, the reports contain: the zoning district for the site, the development regulations, the parking stall formula, compliance history, and rebuild/non-conforming clauses. However, not all zoning reports are created equal. Zoning Research Group (ZRG) is the only specialized firm that handles zoning research exclusively and that employs only professionals with certification affiliated with zoning, planning, land use, real estate and development backgrounds. This expertise and industry-relevant knowledge is infused into every zoning report we issue and is the basis for the Gold Standard of Zoning Research and zoning reporting that only ZRG provides.  

Further, ZRG was formed in response to the growing need for lenders, attorneys, developers, title companies, and insurers to receive quick and reliable zoning reports detailing zoning conformance on a variety of properties. We remain devoted to strictly providing zoning reporting while others offer zoning reporting as a subservice. Larger firms that don’t exclusively focus on zoning typically have other due diligence and feasibility services such as surveying, risk management, and entitlement review and cannot achieve the focused expertise and quick turnaround time that only ZRG delivers.   

At ZRG, we understand that zoning due diligence must be performed quickly and accurately. 2015 has just begun and we have already issued zoning reports for properties across the U.S including the major metropolitan areas of New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and more.  

Our reports are standardized to meet American Land Title Association (ALTA) and American Congress of Surveying and Mapping (ACSC) requirements for Zoning Endorsements. Our zoning reports meet Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac zoning review requirements for multi-family properties. We offer a quick online ordering system means that research begins instantly with no delay.  We offer flat-rate fees provide predictability and eliminate the need to wait for quotes. Finally, our expert staff ensure that your reports are accurate and prepared by professional zoning researchers that understand how zoning codes work, as they have had real training and experience with creating, administering, interpreting and enforcing such codes.  

Discover the ZRG advantage, the Gold Standard for Zoning Research.  



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