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What is a zoning report?

A zoning report is a detailed analysis of zoning regulations associated with a site/structure and whether or not the given site/structure complies with the regulations. These regulations include allowed uses, building height, density, setbacks, parking stall quantities and more. Visit our Services page to review inclusions in each report.

How long does it take to complete a zoning report?

At ZRG, we pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time. Below is our standard turnaround for services:


I need a quick zoning report for closing. Is this possible?

Yes. At ZRG, we understand that quick turnaround is critical in order to close successfully. We aim to get our Express Zoning Reports delivered within 48 hours and we often exceed this time frame, especially in larger metropolitan areas that have more site information readily available.


What other names are zoning reports more commonly referred to?
  • Zoning Summary

  • Zoning Compliance Report

  • Property Zoning Report

  • Zoning Conformance Report

  • Zoning Endorsement Report

  • Zoning Due Diligence Service

  • Zoning Verification Letter

  • Zoning Status Letter

How much do your zoning reports cost? 

Our services are very reasonable. Our downloadable fee schedule outlines the costs associated with each of our services. For multiple properties, please request a quote and provide your properties details and they type of report you are looking to receive. We do offer discount pricing for multiple property requests.

Why should I obtain a zoning report?

Imagine buying a vacant building you are ready to restore or locate a new business to, only to discover that the local planning department no longer authorizes the use you had in mind or is requiring substantial unforeseen upgrades to the site. Even though you may have checked with someone at the local jurisdiction one month prior, you find out after-the-fact that the dreams you had for using your own property is not possible, or that your investment may be at serious risk.

By ordering a ZRG zoning report prior to your purchase, it may have been possible to identify various zoning issues affecting the property, gaining a clear understanding for how it can and cannot be used. Lower your investment risk and get critical zoning information by requesting ZRG services.

Can't I just purchase a zoning verification letter from the City/County?

Purchasing a zoning verification letter from the City/County in which your property is located is a wise move. In fact, ZRG often purchases these types of letters to accompany our various zoning reports. However, these verification letters on their own do not tell the whole story behind a site's zoning. Often, they are written and produced by entry level municipal staff, provide minimal information in the letter and there is no standardization. The content included in a letter from Seattle may be entirely different than the information included in a letter from San Antonio. 


Our zoning reports are standardized, contain essential information and are produced by our team of Zoning and Land Use professionals that are active members of the American Planning Association and have decades of service with local government. We can fill in the blanks, interpret complicated ordinances and extract critical information that the local jurisdiction may be omitting or withholding because we know which questions to ask and how to ask them. Most importantly, we are focused on this service and can turn our reports quickly, which is critical during negotiations with tight closing deadlines.

How are you able to serve so many major U.S. Cities?

While we are based in the Pacific Northwest, we have a deep understanding of zoning regulations and land use policy for every metropolitan area across the country. At ZRG, our staff has perfected the art of code extraction through a combination of using our City contact database and our past experience on other reports. Because zoning rules change rapidly in every area across the country, ZRG always obtains the newest, most up-to-date land use codes instead of relying on zoning code databases that become outdated. 

Do your zoning reports meet my lenders requirements? 

Yes! ZRG prides itself on providing detailed zoning reports to our clients that will satisfy lender requirements.

Some examples include:


  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac requirements for ensuring that the property is either a conforming use or a legally non-conforming use.  

  • American Land Title Association (ALTA) requirements for Zoning Endorsements.

What is unique about Zoning Research Group and its employees?

ZRG is unique in that we only hire professional planners, land use consultants, commercial real estate professionals, former government employees, and other disciplines associated with planning and zoning. Understanding how to interpret zoning ordinances and complex land use regulations on a multitude of metropolitan areas requires a thorough understanding of how zoning, land use, development, lending, and city planning come together. Learn more about our team.

When should I obtain a zoning report?

Typically, zoning reports are obtained in the due diligence phase during a potential sale/transfer of a piece of property. They are also made on a condition of sale, required to be obtained and reviewed prior to closing. Often, they are obtained and analyzed towards the later part of negotiations.  

Do you offer discounts or bulk pricing for your zoning reports?

Yes. Should you have a portfolio with multiple properties or you are a company that regularly requests our services, we have the ability to offer special pricing. Please request a quote for more information. 

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