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​A complete analysis of the site's zoning compliance, including review of use, parking, and development standards. This report is compliant with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and ALTA/ACSM 3.0/3.1 Zoning Endorsement and Optional Table A, 6a/6b items. 

Preliminary Report delivered in 5 Business Days; Final Report delivered in 15 Business Days.

Price: Starting at $900

A Standard ZRG Report includes:

  • Zoning verification letter from local jurisdiction confirming the zoning district (also referred to as a zoning letter or zoning status)

  • Copy of zoning map from City/County

  • Zoning Summary describing existing use and whether it is allowed/permitted

  • Easy to read list of common development standards, including: setbacks, floor-area-ratio, lot coverage, maximum density, minimum lot area, minimum lot width, maximum height, and more

  • Parking regulations, including required number of vehicle and bicycle parking stalls

  • Copy of all land use permits such as rezones, special use permits, & variances

  • Copy of all certificates of occupancy and verification if none exist for the site

  • Determination by ZRG that the site complies with use, development, and parking regulations

  • Summary of how the non-conforming code/rebuild clause affects the property, including implications in the event the property becomes non-conforming and is severely damaged or lost

  • Copies of all applicable code sections



To download a sample of a ZRG Standard Report, click here.

Existing client? Place your order here.

Miscellaneous costs, including additional labor costs, follow-up, document retrieval, research may be necessary in order to complete a report. These fees start at $75/hour depending on the type of request.

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