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ZRG Adds New Zoning Report Type

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

March 9, 2017

In response to the growing demand for a third party to provide the zoning information to surveyors, ZRG has crafted a new zoning report type that is cost effective and can be quickly issued. The report, called a "Zoning Summary" contains the standard zoning requirements that are outlined in ACSM/American Land Title Association (ALTA) Table A 6a and 6b. This information includes:

- Zoning Classification

- Front Yard Setbacks

- Side Yard Setbacks

- Rear Yard Setbacks - Lot Width & Lot Depth

- Min. & Max Lot Area

- Min. and Max Lot Width

- Floor Area Ratio (FAR)

- Parking Formula

Per ALTA/ACSM requirements, clients of surveyors (title companies, lenders, insurers) may provide this information directly to the surveyor in the form of a Zoning Report. This allows the surveyor to perform their work while removing much of the liability that may result from misinterpreting a zoning regulation. It also allows surveyors to save time by not having to deal with the local jurisdiction and having to track down multiple code sections and confirm information with government officials. 

Zoning Research Group provides zoning reports that are prepared by Certified Zoning Analysts. Providing surveyor's with timely, accurate, and cost effective zoning reports is one of the many advantages of working with ZRG. Order a Zoning Summary today by visiting our Online Ordering Page. 


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