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The Relationship Between Zoning & Marijuana Related Businesses

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

January 13, 2015

Over the last decade, many parts of the United States have gradually legalized medical and recreational marijuana production, processing, and sale. Given the community concerns and the little known nature of the industry, jurisdictions across the U.S. have scrambled to develop zoning regulations in order to regulate where marijuana related businesses can be located and their operation.

States that allow recreational marijuana, such as Washington and Colorado, are finding that their recent legalization has put a big demand on commercial and industrial properties.  Washington specifically has a highly regulated recreational marijuana system that makes growing indoors more cost effective than farming outdoors.  The result is a large demand for industrial properties in urban areas highly regulated under a zoning scheme that varies from City to City.

Whether or not legalized marijuana is here to stay, the short term has proved lucrative for many 'green entrepreneurs.' With the high investment in upgrading properties to grow, sell, or collectively share, thorough zoning analysis is critical in order to ensure that the property can be used for a marijuana related business prior to any purchase or lease. It should be emphasized that using a third party to analyze the zoning for these types of uses should be strongly considered.

With new zoning regulations and high demand, municipal staff will be stretched thin and are more likely to provide quick and broad answers to your marijuana related zoning questions than give your site the full analysis necessary. Contact ZRG today for one of our Standard Reports and get the full analysis that will ensure your marijuana related business complies with local zoning regulations.  



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