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The Advantage of Zoning Reporting Firms

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

November 6, 2015

Understanding how zoning affects a property is vital during the due diligence period of a commercial real estate transaction. Many surveying, engineering, and general development firms throughout the U.S. provide zoning due diligence services to address this vital need. While many of these firms appear to have a strong grasp on zoning and land use issues, the reality is zoning due diligence services are only a small portion of their overall business. The majority of these firms are focused on the surveying and engineering portions of their business.  Other firms, such as larger title companies, are stretched thin with a whole host of other issues that are associated with commercial due diligence, including liens, site history, easements, and more.  When ordering a zoning report and undergoing zoning due diligence, it is important to filter out the firms that only provide such services as an ‘after thought’ or ‘sub-service’.

At ZRG, we exclusively provide zoning reports and hire professional planners that are active members of the American Planning Association (APA).  Our commitment to solely focus on zoning and land use issues ensures a greater degree of accuracy on our reports and enables our staff to identify key planning/zoning/land use issues that generalists from other firms may not discover.  Located in the Seattle metropolitan area, ZRG enjoys a talented labor pool of employees well trained and educated in zoning and planning. We also pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our customers, keeping them up-to-date during all phases of our research, customizing our reports to meet their needs, and issuing our reports expeditiously.   

With professional planners and an exclusive focus on zoning and land use, ZRG is well equipped to handle sites with complicated regulations, provide accurate reports, and filter out critical information. Having assurance that your real estate holdings are compliant with local zoning regulations and that a detailed zoning analysis has been performed by a highly credible firm gives you piece of mind that your property can be used in a way you envisioned and that your investment is protected.  Discover the ZRG advantage today and visit our online ordering page.



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