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TechLaw Article Urges Thorough Zoning Due Diligence

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

November 12, 2014

Make sure to thoroughly research and analyze the applicable land use and zoning ordinances before your due diligence period expires.  An article in WRAL-TechWire titled "Resolving Your Property Zoning Problems," provides some good information about what sorts of zoning issues may affect your real estate and provides some strategies for correcting those issues or avoiding them altogether.  The strongest piece of advice, writes Eric J. Remington who practices in the Litigation, Real Estate Development, and Zoning and Land Use Planning Practice Groups at Ward and Smith, P.A., "put together a team of experts to help you... the more you do to minimize the risks associated with a transaction or project before you close the deal, the more chance you will have of being protected to the maximum extent possible and of reaching your goal."

The Zoning Research Group is that team of experts who provide the gold standard for zoning research during your due diligence period.  We can assist you in reaching your goals and minimizing your risk.

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